They say that to aid discoverability on Gemini space you should make sure to link to content you find interesting, so other people can find it and enjoy it too! Some of these were posted way before I came across them, so they might seem to be out of order in places; it's actually just that they're in order of when I found them. Anyway, here are some links to posts I've enjoyed on Gemini.

2021-07-23: Why self-hosting is important – Solène

2021-07-19: The power of community – Hugh's Notes

2021-07-06: Exploitation – idiomdrottning

2021-07-06: Externalities – idiomdrottning

2021-06-20: Big Houses – Hugh's Notes

2021-03-04: on ido and toki pona - emily

2021-04-19: UBI Europa - idiomdrottning

2021-04-16: Website Bloat - bjorn

2021-03-30: Why People Become Minimalists - bjorn

2021-03-29: Ido vs Esperanto - idiomdrottning

2021-03-18: Gemini tips (remove GPS data from any photos!) - FiXato

2021-03-15: When an autograph destroyed the world - idiomdrottning

2021-03-08: Can You Work Part-Time? - bjorn

2021-02-27: There are only... wait - idiomdrottning

2021-02-11: My war on doomscrolling - Toby Kurien

2021-02-07: An introduction to the 3 types of messengers, simply explained

2021-02-06: Re: Veganism - idiomdrottning

2021-02-03: Big Tech and the Gemini Project -

2021-02-03: Distributed social media is HARD - bjorn

2021-01-28: Use open platforms – or else - Drew DeVault

2020-12-26: SSH apps and accessible web publishing - Solderpunk

2020-12-02: The Size of Gemini - bjorn

2020-11-16: Small Web -