Jayeless's Gemlog

2021-08-04 Git for Writing

2021-07-28 My Preferred Olympic Winner Order

2021-07-26 Privacy and the 2021 Census

2021-07-24 The Tokyo Olympics Begin

2021-07-13 A Gemini-Exclusive Post

2021-07-12 Do Men Avoid Books by Women?

2021-07-04 Rake and Its Depiction of Women

2021-06-20 Laundry in Winter

2021-06-15 On Book Localisations for the US Market

2021-05-22 Forays Into the “Curly Girl Method”

2021-04-27 Reviewing Victoria’s Public Holidays

2021-04-15 Melbourne's Property Development Crisis

2021-04-01 The Evolution of Canadian, Australian and NZ Englishes

2021-03-27 Period Panties

2021-03-22 Why I'm Anxious to Get My Covid Vaccine

2021-03-11 On Women's Work Under Capitalism

2021-02-18 On the AusGov vs Google/FB Stoush

2021-02-12 Victoria in lockdown

2021-02-05 Mental models of languages

2021-02-03 Online anonymity is a right, not a privilege

2021-01-28 Dabbling in language-learning

2021-01-23 Today's Sherbrooke Forest walk

2021-01-18 Tracking my reading on my own site

2021-01-13 Hello, Gemini space (again)!

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