Tracking my reading on my own site

For years now, I've been tracking the books I read on Goodreads. For a number of reasons I've been wanting to move away from it though, and now that I have a personal homepage again, I've been working on moving more of my reading data there. Over the last few days, in particular, I've put hours of effort into creating pages to display this data in my own space.

I already had some reviews (going back to April 2020) up, but not only have I moved across a lot more, I've also created:

A "reading portal" of sorts, with links to all my other reading pages

A "to read" list, organised roughly by type of book, with notes to remind myself *why* I wanted to read something

Ultimately, I'd also like to create collections of books, kind of like Goodreads shelves, but manually curated so I can highlight only the books I actually *liked* out of my collection. So with the purpose of making recommendations, rather than just organising my library.

I've considered whether I should also put my book content (or a subset of it) in Gemini space, as well. In the short term, I can't see myself copying *all* my backlog of reviews to here, because it's enough of a pain copying them to my Hugo site, and if I put them here I'd have to edit out all the HTML and so on. But I would like to put up *some* amount of book content here. After all, I envisage this capsule as a hodge-podge of stuff that I find cool or interesting, and books are definitely a part of that! I'll have to think on it, I guess.